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My name is Sandradene T. Walters

I’m on a journey to love by means of poetic expression through bold, rhythmic, and sensuous words. I’ve always had an embedded passion for expressing how I feel about love. I have now taken my passion and love for words and have created expressions that I hope my readers will allow to carry them to a place that is both deep and uninhibited. We live, eat, and sleep love, so let us now give every channel of our being the unrestricted opportunity to love and feel without any regrets.




A collection of poetry about passion and action. Words unsaid that reaches the body like a drops of sensual scented oil, that if rubbed just right onto the skin’s sexual areas can quickly hydrate the skin’s pleasurable diving feelings of stimulation

The Passages
of Love

Love travels through your body and moods like a journey filled map with each word tantalizing the peaks of love and sensuality A collection of poetry that speaks of the hunger your body feel when touched by the flirtation of words


Uncharted Love is the third installment in a collection of feelings and emotions laced with sensual simplicity of thought. It is meant to open the mind and heart to the exploration of the unknown possibilities of love

Notes of Love

Within these pages is a pure collection of good vibes powerful sayings and uplifting remedies to soothe the soul. It is meant to encourage the weary heart and refresh the burdened mind, opening one's eyes to the light of a fresh new day

Broken Heart
Faded Love

A powerful expression of life feelings, emotions and the many facets that people are caught in between. Broken Heart, Faded Love is the truth about pain. Each poem offers a raw and tangible perspective about the fragility of the heart and the journey of our relationships