Before I die…I want to…Engage in ‘Risky Behaviors’

Have I got your attention? Great! Now let me explain, ‘risky behavior.’

I’m a mother first so I’ve pretty much dedicated my life in rising my 3 young adult children to where they can live as they see fit without much guidance from me.

I became a professional health care provider, provider health care services tho those unable to care for themselves 12 hours a day 7 days a week.  Burnt out? but one would never know this about me. I gave to myself time very sparingly.

Now my children are all adults now–and so, well I thought it was time, that before I die engage in some risky behaviors…

I want to climb the Eiffel tower

I want to travel to Europe and

I want to skydive.

As challenging as it sounds, I want to be able to say I have lived!

This is my risky behavior.

This is what I want to do before I die!