Cannot be too careful

Wednesday morning I went out for my usual early morning walk, I need to do.  I had so much on my mind.  I must have walked a long 4 miles in total and did 100 squats.  I was feeling super good. I got back to my daughter’s house and saw that it was trash day so I decided to help by taking it out but not before I slipped and tumbled down 5 flights of steps. Ouch!  My daughter heard the thumping and came to my rescue.  She help me up but not without me crying like a child that had just falling off the bike and scrapped with scrapped knees.  I had Figure out which was worse, the scrapped knees or the embarrassment?  So needless to say in this incident, it was the embarrassment that got all the attention.

As the days went by, I tried to nurse my pain.  Saturday morning I had no choice but to got to the ER. At this point it wasn’t because of embarrassment, but rather of the hardware that is in my neck.  I needed to be sure nothing had shift.

I was spared.  No broken bones no fracture nor did the hardware shift.  I did some serious medications that should help with the muscular pain to which I can deal with as appose to having to have another surgery just to realigned the hardware.

Now I walk very gingerly down any flights of steps or stairs.